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Final-year project: Smart shelf

Project Title

Smart book shelf

Programme / year



Build a smart data-logging book shelf that assists collection/inventory management in a library or bookshop by recording when a book is removed from or placed on it.

Project Description

The objective of this project is to design, build and test a data-logging "smart shelf" that can be placed on top of a normal book shelf to continuously track the total weight borne by the shelf and the distribution of that weight over its surface. If the precise weight of each item on thr shelf is known to the system, the smart shelf can record wjen each speciifc item is lifted off the shelf (or returned to it). In a library or bookshop, this information is of interest to staff because it gives insights into what customers or service users are paying attention to. This type of browsing data is routinely gathered by online retailers who value it highly. This smart shelf would give librarians access to some of the same information.

Although the specific focus of this project is on books, the same concept can clearly be applied in many other settings, including warehouses, food retailers, clothing storage, etc.

Key Outcomes

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