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Final-year project: Inkscape extension to digitise handwritten content

Project Title

Inkscape extension to import handwritten content

Programme / year



Develop an Inkscape extension (using Python) to import handwritten content from photographs, such that lines and strokes on the page become editable paths in the Inkscape document.

Project Description

Inkscape is the world's leading free-software vector graphics editor. It features an amazing array of advanced tools for editing vector images, which rivals even the best-known graphic design packages like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. One of Inkscape's great strengths is that it provides a convenient interface for writing extensions in Python that are added to its existing menus. This allows developers and users to extend Inkscape's functionality by adding custom features or specialised tools just by creating a couple of files (including a Python script) and dropping them into a specific folder. The objective of this project is to create an Inkscape extension that imports handwritten content from photographs of paper pages or whiteboards. The extension would analyse an image to separate hand-drawn lines or strokes from the background and transform them into paths, which could then be edited or re-styled in the Inkscape document. This would allow a content creator to quickly sketch something on paper, then transform it into a professional looking illustration with minimal effort.

Key Outcomes

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