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MEMRISTORS cheat sheet

MEMRISTORS cheat sheet image

Download MEMRISTORS cheat sheet

This is the pandoc command I used to generate the PDF from the markdown:

pandoc --pdf-engine xelatex -f markdown memristors_cheat_sheet.md -o memristors_cheat_sheet.pdf

This is the markdown file "memristors_cheat_sheet.md":

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**MEMRISTORS: Sentence-wise writing and editing**    

\ \ 

Type every sentence on a separate line.  
Leave a blank line for each paragraph break.  
Audit each sentence by asking these questions:  

\ \     

1. What is the precise **Meaning** of this written sentence?
1. Can I just **Erase** this entire sentence?
1. How will readers **Misinterpret** this sentence?
1. Does this sentence claim anything that requires **References**?
1. Is this sentence **Irrefutable**? Is it _definitely_ completely true?
1. Will it be clearer if I **Split** this sentence into shorter sentences?
1. Can I **Trim Out** worthless words from this sentence?
1. **Recite** the sentence _out loud_ to identify grammatical errors.
1. Are there **Spelling** errors in this sentence?

\ \ 

In markdown, each block of sentences becomes a paragraph and each blank line becomes a paragraph break.

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Ted Burke 27-Jan-2023 https://tedz.eu/uploads/memristors_cheat_sheet.pdf