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Linux typewriter notes


Inspired by electronic word processor / typewriting devices like the King Jim Pomera DC-100, Freewrite and AlphaSmart Neo, I've been wondering about creating a lightweight Linux distribution to turn a PC (or Raspberry Pi?) into a typewriter. I assumed what I was picturing would already exist, but it doesn't exactly seem to. Others online have suggested something very similar, but I haven't come across an actual working system. Anyway, here's what I'm imagining...

Core features



Existing solutions

The two web pages below are the most similar descriptions to what I'm imagining. The first (by Scollurio) describes something virtually identical to what I'm picturing, but it's a request for someone to create it! The second is a 2012 how-to from PC World.

Why We Need Dedicated Modern Typewriters by Scollurio - medium.com - Mar 17, 2021

How to turn your laptop into a typewriter by Erez Zukerman - PCWorld - JUL 16, 2012


In Debian Live:

mkdir live
cd live/
#lb config
#lb config --architectures i386
lb config -a i386 -k 686-pae
echo "jed console-setup" >> config/package-lists/my.list.chroot

mkdir -p config/includes.chroot/etc/skel
cat << EOF >> config/includes.chroot/etc/skel/.bash_login
# Ted Burke - Typewriter Linux - 9-Oct-2022
# Boot straight into text editor in terminal

mkdir -p config/hooks/live
cat << EOF > config/hooks/live/typewriter.hook.chroot
# Ted Burke - Typewriter Linux - 9-Oct-2022
# Configure console font size
echo 'FONTSIZE="16x32"' >> /etc/default/console-setup
chmod 755 config/hooks/live/typewriter.hook.chroot

sudo lb build

sudo cp live-image-i386.hybrid.iso /dev/sdb
sudo sync

To do list