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Uninstalling bloatware packages from an Android phone via USB connection to a PC using ADB


Enable USB debugging on the Android phone

Developer options need to be enabled on the phone. I don't remember the exact process, but it begins with something like...

Settings -> About Phone -> Build number [tap "Build number" seven times and follow instructions]

Once developer options are enabled, you will be able to enable USB debugging on the phone.

Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer options -> USB debugging [click switch to enable USB debugging]

Inspect processes running on phone

If desired, the processes currently running on the phone can be viewed as follows:

Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer options -> Running services

Install ADB on the PC and check connection

sudo apt install adb

adb devices

If the phone is successfully detected, something like this should be displayed:

List of devices attached 421b4dc80705 device

Remove installed package(s) in ADB shell

To open an adb shell to configure the phone:

adb shell

Then, within the adb shell, to remove the undesired package:

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huaqin.diaglogger pm disable-user com.huaqin.diaglogger

Possible candidates for removal

Some example packages that one might consider removing are listed here: