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Example of including images in a post

Insert an image using the standard markdown syntax

This example uses the standard markdown syntax to insert an image.

![David Foster Wallace](uploads/dfw640.png)

David Foster Wallace

Add CSS to resize a large image

This example uses a snippet of CSS to style one specific image. An attribute selector in the CSS line ensures that the style is only applied to images with the specified alt string.

<style>img[alt="PRBS curve"]{width:640px;}</style>
![PRBS curve](uploads/prbs_curve.png)
![PRBS curve](uploads/prbs_curve.png)

Inserting an image with a caption using a markdown table

This example creates a markdown table with one column and two rows. The image is placed in the upper row. The caption is placed in the lower row. The pipe characters ("|") mark the column breaks in each row of the table. The second line ("|:-:|" in this case) is used to specify alignment within each column. Here the single column is centre aligned.

|![Arduino IDE screenshot](uploads/arduino.png)|
|*Screenshot of Arduino IDE*|
Arduino IDE screenshot
Screenshot of Arduino IDE